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Social presence: Social presence is defined by Garrison, Anderson and Archer as “the ability of participants in a community of inquiry to project themselves socially and emotionally, as “real” people (i.e. their full personality), through the medium of communication being used” (2000 p. 94).

Cognitive presence: Garrison, Anderson and Archer describe cognitive presence as “the extent to which learners are able to construct and confirm meaning through sustained reflection and discourse in a critical community of inquiry” (2001 p. 11).

Teaching presence: Anderson et al. (2001) view teaching presence as “the design, facilitation and direction of cognitive and social processes for the purpose of realizing personally meaningful and educationally worthwhile learning outcomes”.

The approach will be targeted at all teachers in Deakin University be they tutors, sessional staff, lecturers or professors and it is hoped that through the development of communities in multiple contexts and settings there will be greater teacher satisfaction and comfort with teaching and learning online and that this will translate into greater student satisfaction. It will also be possible to measure of the success of these approaches to a degree by the involvement of teachers in action research and publication in the field of teaching and learning online.

The approach to be used will be underpinned by a number of considerations. These have resulted as a consequence of a broad perspective being taken over the historical and generational development of distance education, the cultural considerations of the organisation, the needs to be met by the application of FODE and Viljoen and Holt’s definition of strategic planning as:


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the WSYWIG still aint here…