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Teachertube example

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Download: Posted by mjohnson at TeacherTube.com.


A Short History of WordPress MultiUser (WPMU)

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This is a short tale about how one developer’s inspiration has led to a revolution in online publishing.
On October 4th 2004 Donncha O Caoimh released WPMU 0.1 aka WordPress MultiUser aka WordPressµ.
Come late ‘04 and early ‘05 there were a lot of us playing around with WPMU and when WordPress 1.5 came about, WPMU was none too far behind.
So… we played around with smarty templates, and generally enjoyed the fun of it all until Donncha started aiming for an “option so that Smarty and WP themes can be mixed on the one host!”
And WPMU as we know it was born.
The forums were relaunched, WPMUDEV.ORG provided (and still provides) the extra goodies, a certain individual known as Matt came aboard, Blogsome (perhaps the first major WPMU host) took off.
Before long there were all sorts of sites sprouting up, from Edublogs (that’s me BTW to Pontolistpress, The Jackass […]

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WordPress and security

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This is absolute troll-esque nonsense. sure, we could all always do security better but to recommend, ahem:
If you do want to install weblog software, I recommend Movable Type. It is possible to set up a very secure install if you don’t need things like comments
Makes you sound a bit silly, in so many different ways.
For a more reasoned response read Matt.

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Edublogs – top 10 website?

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OK, this is posted with more than just a pinch of salt… and perhaps says more about Technorati than it does about us, but all the same, check this out:

Heh…. and especially when you compare it to the $40m p/year website I’ve just left…

So how have I managed to get a higher Technorati ranking for Edublogs than one of the top websites in Australia? Answers on the back of a blank postcard in the comments please

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Is anyone else profoundly unimpressed by the new Education.com site?

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Out of the boardroom and into the classroom… help requested!

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Walter Jennings, who I’m helping out with blog stuff, is making the transition from boardroom to classroom next month and is uncharacteristically concerned.
Walter’s the MD of a big PR firm here in Au so I reckon it rocks that he’s taking time to not just do an invitational lecture but to teach a whole course.
Having said that, with no background as a teacher he’s wondering how to keep a whole bunch of undergrads engaged… and doing some learning too.
So have you got any tips for a experienced business pro who’s also a classroom n00b? Go help a man out!

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Selfish altruism

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Stephen responds to my contention that we’re all selfish brutes:
“People like to create content, and they like to help each other – they aren’t inherently selfish; there’s lots of evidence to show they want to share, even if there’s no benefit to themselves. What they don’t feel the need to do, though, is to provide institutional-type content to institutional-type repositories.” – Stephen Downes
And I agree, to an extent, in that we are, by nature, altruistic individuals (it’s hard wired, we’d be stuffed without it) and are certainly less motivated to help out institutions (although, ironically, that’s what most of us do, all day, every weekday) BUT it’s important to recognise that at the same time we are inherently selfish… and that that’s no bad thing.
Because, if you want *anything* social on the web to succeed you have to pay *much* attention to that.
This is the point where I reveal where […]

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Test divshare upload…

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Hope this works!

test iframe

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