Selfish altruism

In Array on June 13, 2007 at 9:14 pm

Stephen responds to my contention that we’re all selfish brutes:
“People like to create content, and they like to help each other – they aren’t inherently selfish; there’s lots of evidence to show they want to share, even if there’s no benefit to themselves. What they don’t feel the need to do, though, is to provide institutional-type content to institutional-type repositories.” – Stephen Downes
And I agree, to an extent, in that we are, by nature, altruistic individuals (it’s hard wired, we’d be stuffed without it) and are certainly less motivated to help out institutions (although, ironically, that’s what most of us do, all day, every weekday) BUT it’s important to recognise that at the same time we are inherently selfish… and that that’s no bad thing.
Because, if you want *anything* social on the web to succeed you have to pay *much* attention to that.
This is the point where I reveal where […]

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