A Short History of WordPress MultiUser (WPMU)

In Array on June 27, 2007 at 8:23 am

This is a short tale about how one developer’s inspiration has led to a revolution in online publishing.
On October 4th 2004 Donncha O Caoimh released WPMU 0.1 aka WordPress MultiUser aka WordPressµ.
Come late ‘04 and early ‘05 there were a lot of us playing around with WPMU and when WordPress 1.5 came about, WPMU was none too far behind.
So… we played around with smarty templates, and generally enjoyed the fun of it all until Donncha started aiming for an “option so that Smarty and WP themes can be mixed on the one host!”
And WPMU as we know it was born.
The forums were relaunched, WPMUDEV.ORG provided (and still provides) the extra goodies, a certain individual known as Matt came aboard, Blogsome (perhaps the first major WPMU host) took off.
Before long there were all sorts of sites sprouting up, from Edublogs (that’s me BTW to Pontolistpress, The Jackass […]

Original post by James


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