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School Council Movie gains Diana Award for Hawbush Primary School

Are you still looking for ideas to tackle bullying in your school? Charlotte, Nina, Iqbal and Elliot, on the school council at Hawbush Primary, were recently awarded the Princess Diana award “in recognition of students who have made a real difference to tackling bullying in their school and communities”.
This is what they did, with the help of the rest of the school council:
• produced a brilliant film in which they starred, concerning bullying in schools that had a definition of bullying and steps to take if someone was being bullied or if someone knew of bullying taking place
• re-wrote the school policy on bullying to make it easier for the younger pupils to understand.
• put up a post box where people could report bullying without leaving their name.
Because of what they did:
• The bullying policy is sent to all parents each year during anti-bullying week as a reminder of the dangers of bullying and of the actions the school takes to combat it
• The video is also used in assemblies as an aid to teaching other children in the school
Excellent work! You can see the video and policy on our website (via the link from the VoiceBox page)


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