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Pages with content have a link
Cover: Major promotion for myschoolcouncil.org, with plug for carbon detectives
Pages 2 Contents/ ?editorial
Page 3 News: myschoolcouncil/ BETT
Page 4: News
Page 5: Councillors Voice primary
Page 6: FYI: Carbon Det/ Sust Schools
Page 7: back of poster 1: Faxback for eco-projects
Page 8/9:  Carbon Detectives poster
Page 10: Back of poster 2
Page 11: SC in the news Primary: Hawbush Diana Award
Page 12/13: Hot Topic
Primary: Bog Standard linked to children’s Rights/Geneva project
Secondary: CRAE Discrimination/ children’s rights/ Geneva project
Page 14: FYI/ Councillors Voice
Page 15:
Primary: Bog Standard/ Sport Relief/ Children are Unbeatable
Secondary Bog Standard/ Sport relief/ Children are Unbeatable
Page 16: Feature mysc


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